Stop Beating Around The Bush!

6 thoughts on “Stop Beating Around The Bush!”

  1. I feel like I beat around the bush a lot when speaking to people just so I can buy time to see if they’re actually interested in listening to what I have to say.
    It doesn’t work that way, I realized. No one really has the time for beating around the bush.
    Great post, BTW! xD


    1. We all want to be heard. Once we develop Trust that we are being heard…I believe the fear that may cause us to beat around the bush slowly but surely falls by the wayside.

      The wonderful thing about blogging is, we can speak our truth. At WordPress, there are so many bloggers, there’s bound to be some who will read our written words, and through them, hear us. At least here, we can get them out.

      We can also engage with our readers. We can develop a dialogue, a give and take.

      That’s the first step to being heard. So what if it’s on paper. Heard is heard!

      We just have to remember that the people in our everyday lives may not be the good listeners we would like them to be. We might have to find other avenues where we can express our whole selves. Guess what…We’ve Arrived!!!

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      1. TRUE 100%! I’ve definitely improved (not as much) with being vocal. Once you get the hang of writing and pouring your heart out into your posts, and get responses from people that actually care enough to read, you realize how your voice sometimes does get heard.
        It’s only right with the right people.

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