Dyer Straits 1940-2015

11 thoughts on “Dyer Straits 1940-2015”

      1. Very true! This reminds me of the Tom Hanks’ movie ‘Castaway’, where’s he’s alone on a deserted island for a very long time. His character draws a lot of spiritual direction, motivation and inspiration from ‘Wilson’. Wilson being just a volleyball with a imprint of a face. In the movie, Wilson’s abilities do actually help Tom Hanks adjust, survive, and get off this prison. Or does he?


  1. I can only hope to become like this man, helping a lot of people in their darkest hours of need.

    May he rest in peace. It’s now our turn to take over the role of making his world a better place.

    Cheers for sharing 😉

    Your pal,

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    1. Hi Benjamin:

      After seeing what you are creating on your blog, and most probably elsewhere, I suspect Wayne Dyer would be very pleased.

      I imagine his life’s work was aimed at empowering people who are born to inspire.

      He most likely hoped that he was not an island unto himself.

      Motivate Benjamin. Do what you have been called to do. And thankfully, the technology exists to make it so.

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      1. Beautifully said. Thank you for your words and indeed, I agree- Technology is making things so much more easier!

        Glad to have found you and your site in the community pool 😉

        Your friend,

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