The Unexamined Life Of the Grape!

7 thoughts on “The Unexamined Life Of the Grape!”

    1. Absolutely! I think the group was called “The lovin Spoonfuls,” and they sang a song about moving too fast. If we wanted to start feeling “groovy” we’d have to slow down.

      Imagine getting to know ourselves better when we’re no longer passing ourselves up all the time.

      Thanks for your insightful comment. Come again soon!

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    1. Delta:

      Thanks so much for visiting, and leaving (for me at least), the oh so coveted comment!

      You love grapes too I gather. And oh yes, taking the time to savor, the moment to enjoy.

      After all, what pray tell…is the rush?!

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  1. Ok, Looks like I need to become one with the grape. I do tend to rush and can be terribly impatient sometimes, but then I slow right down and breathe deep belly breaths to refocus. It lasts for….oooh, a morning, say….then by evening I’m charging around again. Its society energy I think…..everyone else is rushing, so the energy passes onto everyone else. Now if I lived in a cave, I’m pretty sure I would have grapes. 😀

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