Moody Choose!

6 thoughts on “Moody Choose!”

  1. wow…..I just KNEW I was going to adore you! Yep, ya got me. The front page of your blog was my first indication….I adore yellow!. then you are a dementia Certified Reminiscence Coach…… incredibly cool is that? I honestly can not think of a better choice for a job. I adore listening to people talk about their lives and to assist those with dementia just seems like frosting on a cake to me!
    I was a counselor and used the positive thinking model for my patients on a daily basis, so was extremely pleased to see an example here. You can help a lot of people by their reading a post. So glad you found my blog so I could come looking for you!

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  2. Positive thought is a real goal in itself, isn’t it? It takes effort. I don’t believe people are born positive and light or grumpy and heavy. It’s not always easy to choose the positive way of reacting to situations, but it always feels better in the end.

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    1. I’m tend to self-correct. It’s not that a negative thought doesn’t attempt to sneak pass every now and then. I’ve given myself permission to choose to catch and correct. My beloved Mother always said: “There’s two sides to every coin.” I choose the side that nets me days well spent.

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