Puzzling Attitudes???

44 thoughts on “Puzzling Attitudes???”

    1. What about the word “challenge” suggests that it’s a negative? Once upon a time (before words were fueled by glass half full/half empty) experiences), we were challenged to roll over, crawl, walk, then run. Did it stress us out to learn to talk or did we giggle and coo when we mastered it?

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      1. Oh no, most of the time challenge gets me all excited, like I can take on the world. It’s just today I did face something challenging, and I’ll know the outcome of it tomorrow, and I’m a little stressed because I think it could have gone better.
        But mostly, I like the word challenge!

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      2. Thank you for noticing what I have accomplished so far. You might also be amazed to know that I have tweaked my blog many times to get it ready for my visitors. It’s still a work in progress. No ego, just lots of critiquing myself.

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  1. Commitment – jumped out to me. First thought – committed to change – I’ve recently taken some life changing decisions and need the strength and commitment to follow them through. Feeling inspired. I love this post and the word search puzzle – it really got me thinking! Thanks

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    1. You are very welcome. Yesterday, I saw this puzzle amongst my images. I strongly felt compelled to post. Now we both are illuminated as a result, as I hope others will be too.

      Ever just have to post?

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      1. Yes – I’m pretty new to blogging and have definitely felt ‘compelled’ to post. I’ve just noticed that you’re my 40th follower which was the number of followers I was hoping to achieve by the end of this week – so thanks for following and helping me achieve my objective x

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  2. Hi spark! I am here today. Thanks for your comments about my blog the other day.

    This is really a sparkling site!
    My eyes fell on commitment. And I thought, I ought to keep striving on my commitments to life, love, family etc. It was not been easy but I try. I was lazy on the puzzle though…oops.

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    1. Hiya…Sounds like you got what you came for. What a blessing to have family and friends to commit to. Puzzles haven’t always been my favorite, but this one has a special purpose. It called to me, and that’s when I posted it. Go Figure!

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  3. Hi Spark, I am here today. Thanks for the comments about my site.
    This is really a Sparkling site!

    My eyes fell.on Commitment. I thought to try in my commitments to life,love, family…etc. it is not easy but I try.


  4. The first word I seen was “commitment”. This is so me, I am always 100% committed to everything I do and right now I am committed to making changes in my life and it’s going really well. I enjoyed this post, really interesting.

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    1. Thanks for visiting, and taking some time to have a look at the puzzle. I love that you are “committed” to making changes in your life. You are making a conscious decision to be the CEO of your life. I’m happy to hear it’s going well, and even when it might not be going well, you can choose how to deal with it. You are the conductor. Make beautiful music, sing, dance, and above all enJOY!!!

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    1. Hiya…the word you saw has punch to it. I’m glad you like challenges. In my opinion, they show up and build mettle. They have the ability to make you stronger, and shades wiser too. Thanks for visiting…highest and best!


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