Red Achilles!

15 thoughts on “Red Achilles!”

  1. I really like the way you wrote this post. The way you bridged all your subsidiary points was fresh and very smooth.
    I biggest Achilles Heel is my face. I wrote a post recently “About Face”. That sums up my achilles heel, and also how I’m trying to deal with it.

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    1. Thanks for visiting, and thanks for sharing. I wish you the highest and best solution(s) dealing with your all too emotional facial expressions. I’m certain using a mirror and some recorded trigger words & phrases will help. See how you feel and give yourself some practice!

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  2. For me it has been striving for ‘perfection’ – I was indoctrinated at a young age – “If you’re doing a job, do it properly” – I spent my life working longer and harder aiming for ‘perfection’ and have FINALLY cast of my Achilles Heel and realised ‘great’ is good enough! “Yee Haa” and ‘sorry mum’… x

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  3. Loved your blog! I will say I need to work more on this, I am a harmonizer by nature so try to stay away from conflict, but that doesn’t always help. But at times it comes pretty handy 🙂
    Thanks for your blog, you come across honest and authentic which is hard to find these days!


    1. Thanks for the visit, your comment, and your follow.

      I believe our achilles heels also give us strength. It all depends on the circumstances, and how much we’ve invested in learning more about our weaknesses. How can they serve us in a positive way? For instance, I wouldn’t advise someone to totally relinquish their fear of heights. Then what, they go up on the roof and walk carelessly around???


    1. Hiya…I’m thrived you enjoyed this post. Yes, I do celebrate my Achilles heels. I have found it more beneficial to turn them into strengths, as there is much strong about them. Hiding them isn’t an option because I believe you only fool yourself when doing that!


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