Resonant Maya!

14 thoughts on “Resonant Maya!”

  1. Interesting poem! I personally don’t like vanilla pudding, but that definitely tastes a lot better than toxic waste! I think that it’s important to keep self reflecting in a positive way, and your poem is a great tool to do just that!

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    1. Hi Dr. Mike…I just knew someone wouldn’t like vanilla pudding, but I couldn’t resist testing that flavor. Yes, I too believe using tools to help us stay positive is key!

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    1. Thanks Angelica…Maya inspires me that way. She was so wise in life, and memorable in death. There’s only remembering how she walked her talk and getting in step ourselves!


  2. What a lovely poem Jen. I am a huge Maya Angelou fan, I adore her words. So inspiring, yet so simple. I’ll be following your work, especially because of the kindness and positive vibes you left on my blog 💕💕 Have some more browsing to do on your site! Have a great Monday!

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    1. Browse away. I’m having a wonderful time blogging myself, but also love blog hopping. We here at WordPress are so blessed to be in such good company. We each have something to share, and don’t mind doing so while retaining our power to just be. Love it!

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