Bringing AWE to Life!

12 thoughts on “Bringing AWE to Life!”

  1. A truly ‘awe’some post Jenny! The video clips were stunning and I love the picture of you ‘teetering’ on the Grand Canyon! It’s so true that even a blade of grass can take on a new level of interest when we stop and look really closely. I did this with a glass of sparkling water, ice and a slice of lemon whilst on holiday – just having the time to look at it differently made me see it in a whole new light.. Fab! x

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    1. Thanks! What I love about blogging these posts is the reinvestment in the moments in time. I also get to research new ideas, tried & true concepts, and a few a-ha’s to boot. As you said: ‘Fab!’

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      1. I know – it’s opened up a whole new world for me too .. You’re right – I’ve loved recalling the past moments of my experiences to include in some of my posts.. Lovely x


  2. Awe, like wonder, fuels my creativity. I sat in my kitchen a few days ago, with my husband, in front of our oversized window. Our backs were turned to the table and our eyes were lifted toward the night sky. (We didn’t want to go the patio because of the bugs!) We tried counting the fireflies and distinguishing them from the stars. We talked about the magic and wonder of the night – how some are frightened or overwhelmed by it, and how others are humbled by it. We sat there with little words between us and the three of us felt like one – Mama Nature, him, and me. It was an awe-inspiring moment and memory, Jen. Just beautiful. Thanks for taking me down memory lane. 🙂 Awe-some post!

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    1. Avril…thanks for sharing your sublime experience. We are so small, whilst the Universe is so big. What a blessing it is to have the ability to ignite our sense of wonder and imagination to awe!

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  3. My heart is pounding right now thinking about the mountains in Maryland!!
    I was in such a state of awe that I forgot I was driving. :D:
    To see God’s work was breath taking.
    It done something to me that’s hard to explain.
    We had never been to Maryland either but afterwards I was thinking about moving my family there.
    Yes it was that awesome!
    Thanks for the reminder

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