Happy Parent’s Day!

22 thoughts on “Happy Parent’s Day!”

  1. I didn’t know today was Parents’ Day, and it’s been around for at least 22 years!

    I love this post. And it’s nice to know that you have had a number of loving parents you whole life. I can see that they have all contributed to your positiveness.

    My parents taught me right from wrong and fed me kernels about personal responsibility and dignity. One thing that really helped me was when my parents took the time to help me with my homework. That sounds small, but that makes a huge difference in a child’s life. When children are taught basic skills, it helps them to become independent and those skills will stay with them into adulthood.

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    1. Meaty comment. Thank you much! I didn’t know about Parent’s Day either until I started doing some research. We could be celebrating something interesting everyday, truth be told. This particular day resonated with me, and you too I see. I love that your parents embed you with some great values. I also love that they helped you with your homework. They gave of their time, which I hope is still happening in homes today. Education is key, and it helps to make the Jack and Jill’s in the world sharp boys and girls, as opposed to dull.

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  2. Parents Day, ha? Who knew?! I sure didn’t. I’m thankful for those who surrogated in the roles of mother and father, though they did not bear the titles. I’m thankful for the ones appointed with the actual titles. It really does take more than biological bonds. I’m thankful to have had a wealth of folk who served in this capacity. #Community

    Thank you for graciously sharing your journey and yet a different model of what it means to be loved, to be raised and nurtured. It’s no wonder you’re as remarkable and empathetic as you are! Continue to be well!

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  3. Happy 2018 Sparky. Thanks for sharing this… I don’t know where to begin… I feel like I could learn so much from having a conversation with you head to head. I was also adopted and it was hard for me to get to a peaceful point of love and understanding. My healing started off when I started AD as you probably already know. Today I feel grateful for all my parents. You’re much of an inspiration. Infinite love your way 😊

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