You Be The Judge!

4 thoughts on “You Be The Judge!”

  1. I appreciate the fact of knowing who really said the quote. It makes of world of difference knowing the background of the person who said what. The internet is rife with wrong info, and I found the Quote Investigator site has a lot of truth to back up the disinformation. I love this quote. Thanks for sharing. Whoever credited it to Meryl Streep, probably wanted to use her popularity to expose a well-needed quote for today.

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    1. I believe you are spot on. I also think Meryl’s name and popularity helped to circulate this quote. In my opinion, it actually resonates differently when she appears to have said it. However, I’m happy to credit the true author. And his backstory the day he wrote it is interesting too. Rule of thumb: “Do the research!”

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  2. oops. I meant “a world of difference.” And yes, if Meryl would have said this quote, she may have been a little less brash and a little more positive, but then we might miss the point.

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