The Precious Present!

13 thoughts on “The Precious Present!”

  1. I love this. I recently found out about mindfulness but it’s hard to remember to do it, I hope that someday I will be ever mindful without even thinking about it!

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  2. I totally agree! My yoga teacher quotes the founder of Mindfulness a lot, and I love this one: “You can’t control the waves of life, but you can learn to surf.” To me, staying in the present is exactly you you learn to surf!

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  3. What a wonderful gift the present. I’m learning the more I meditate, the more I’m enjoying this gift.
    Don’t know why but hey, it’s helping me enjoy this blessing .

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    1. How it helps is very important I think. This you can weigh in the now. And if you really want to know how blessed you are…take a quick peek back to then. Highest and Best!


  4. Hi sparky! Mindfulness and being present in the moment are two things that I am working very hard to do. I am the quintessential mom of five and to survive is to plan plan plan and always live in the very next moment. I wish I could say I became this way with kids… but truly I’ve always been a list making pre planner. It’s programmed in me. Difficult to do, but I have Faith that it can be accomplished, enjoyed and renewed with every precious moment!

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