Truth Moment Monday!

28 thoughts on “Truth Moment Monday!”

  1. Yikes – I didn’t realise it but actually quite a few things on that list ‘annoy me’….
    Dishwasher stacked ‘wrongly’ (my way being the right way obviously) being just one! and wet towels being left ON THE BED! – yes that’s really annoying and after 40+ years together hubby still does it!!! Great post – thanks Jen.. x

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    1. Hope you got a giggle. I just did reading your post! The dishwasher choice is a biggie. Loading is like a puzzle. They all fit so they wash properly if you put them in the “correct” spots. I feel you!!!

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      1. I certainly did giggle… particularly when I realised how many on that list do actually ‘annoy’ me now I’ve thought about it! hehe… hubby’s not gonna know what’s hit him now I’m even more ‘aware’ of those little annoyances.. oops! x Yep – dishwasher stacking – why is it only me that’s ‘perfect’ at this in our house… x

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      1. Yes, that line has been creating a little angst. Would it help if I told you that at one time I had the same strong reaction? What’s that saying…”Lose the battle, but win the war!” Each night before I run the dishwasher, I pretend I’m solving a puzzle. The pieces are all there. Only some are out of place. I complete the puzzle by putting them right and press start. The next day I have clean, unchipped dishes, which has given me a game changing perspective. I realized my real concerns and moved on. Just a mention!


      2. Haha Addie – you and me both! Is it because we have to ‘wash’ the pots if they don’t come out clean maybe… or is it just a bit of my Virgo perfectionism coming out.. but you’re right it’s a real ‘wind up’! haha x

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    1. The word “seem” is the operative word here; at least in my opinion. It’s usually their way of trying to feel deserving. Personally, I wouldn’t waste my precious energy people with entitlement issues. I feel you though!

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  2. I’m annoyed by trifling people. This is something I have written about before. When someone is trifling, they are not just lazy, but they expect — no, demand — other people to do the work for them.

    I am also annoyed by people who love to play the blame game. People need to get to the bottom of what went wrong, but there are those who are too quick to blame others while refusing to take a moment for introspection and examining their own actions.

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    1. Wow! The word ‘trifling’ speaks volumes with a southern accent. I will be dropping in to read your post. You have a way with words, and “hit the nail on the head” for many. Frankly, I don’t get these type people either. My beloved Mother use to say: “If you don’t work, you don’t eat.” So…where are some folks getting their bread? Maybe, if they go hungry, they’ll adjust their belief systems. Just my take!

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    1. After reading selections of your posts, I believe I have gotten a sense of why you feel so about Family Law Attorneys. It also appears you have taken the best from this situation, and super hero-ed your way through. Bravo. Even knowing little, in my estimation four exclamation points speak volumes!

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