Gingerbread House Beauties!

12 thoughts on “Gingerbread House Beauties!”

    1. Yes, yes, yes Alex. They do look amazing. I wonder if there is a school that teaches such skill? The patience however might be more difficult to teach, unless passion for the art is also present. Just my thoughts!


      1. Yes I think if they are passionate about it they could probably spend hours on it quite happily. I don’t know whether the makers of them are professional bakers or not, or whether they have just learnt through years of practice at home. Either way must’ve taken a lot of practice to perfect the art.

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    1. Thank you for visiting Sparkjen. I just noticed your post while commenting in my Admin. It landed in Spam for goodness sake. I will check out your suggestion today! Highest and Best!!!


    1. Hello. Welcome, and thank you! Connor Prairie here in Indy has a yearly gingerbread house 🏡 display every year. I love going and enjoying those displays. They inspired me to search for online beauties, and blog them. I’m thrilled you enjoyed this post. Thanks for visiting & following!

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