Truth Moment Monday!

11 thoughts on “Truth Moment Monday!”

  1. I marched. In Oklahoma we had one city that had participation and I was lucky enough to be close to it. In OKC we had thousands marching downtown. We had civil rights activists speaking, and had everyday people speaking. We had one state senator there and several representatives. I marched because it was important for our govt leaders to know we have issues with the way in which they were trying to lead us. We spoke only to the issues. NO ONE looted, caused any problems or screamed obscenities. We were calm, strong and determined. Many of the women with whom I marched had never stood up to the government before..had no idea what a march was like. They came away with a sense of accomplishment and solidarity with the others. We had many groups of women, men and children, from smaller outlying towns who organized groups for when they returned home. I visited the state offices of our senators and representatives of my district and told them exactly why we (I) marched and what i as a voter wanted them to do. The state house halls were literally filled with people doing the same thing. I believe we were heard. I believe that the people we spoke to listened and were impressed by our determination. We will not stand for our civil rights to be ignored or violated and I believe our state government officials now know just how serious we are. I pray it makes a change in policy. If not, I will be once again marching and demanding.

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    1. Thanks for sharing this. I was thinking about the many times throughout history when such rallies occurred. In my opinion, governments, like many of ourselves need periodic reminders about values, goals, and beaten paths. In specific cases of our governments, they need to recognize that leadership means looking at their methods of servitude, or lack of as well. A quick peek at the constitution, and a waving flag might be helpful too. Always love reading your thought and focused comments!!!


  2. I’m glad that you, along with so many others, are making your voice heard! So many important challenges have arisen, and I believe that we are only at the beginning of a long fight–one that started long ago, but one that is still far from over.

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  3. An energizing post! I participated in the Women’s March in Chicago and it was empowering to be amongst so many of us who want the roar of our better selves to be expressed and shared and affirmed. While there is yet more work to be done, it is heartening to know that so many want to be civil and civically-engaged.

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    1. Whether many know, truly believe it or not, women are strong, resilient, and have more super powers then they give themselves credit for. If they continue to put their energies into making the world a better place for themselves, their children, and their communities…I believe in my heart, we will overcome [peacefully if at all possible], one day in your and my lifetime!


  4. I was greatly moved by seeing all the numbers of women, children, and also men, marching for everything that is good in life and to uphold key human values. At the same time, I was horrified by reading some of the hurtful, bitter, small-minded comments by certain US male senators, in the aftermath of that glorious day.

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    1. In m opinion, though they tried, even those that spoke against it, couldn’t put a damper on it. And to me…that’s the blessing that will continue to unify us who believe in the power of One Voice!!!


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