What’s The First Thing You Notice About A Person?

25 thoughts on “What’s The First Thing You Notice About A Person?”

  1. I notice their style– wether or not they are put together in an organized way. I do not care whether they are “high fashion” (in fact I prefer they are not), but rather that they own what they are wearing as their own skin vs. wearing clothes for others or because they are following a prescription. I am not sure it is a good way to judge character but I just appreciate the confidence it takes to pull of a personal choice.

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  2. Oh crap… *amused-facepalm*
    I’ve never had a manicure in my life. But I play guitar, so I generally keep my nails really short. I would like to get one someday, but I just haven’t gotten around to it yet. It’s funny you mentioned your mother’s hands – I remember my mom’s hands pretty vividly as well (I live far away from her, at the moment). The older I get, the more my hands seem to resemble hers. This makes me happy. It’s kind of like having a part of her with me.

    The first thing I noticed about my husband were his eyes (my exact thought was: “he has kind eyes.”) Eyes reveal a lot about a person – they give off vibes, good and bad. Window to the soul…etc.


  3. If we shake hands, I notice how they shake hands. I like a good, firm handshake. It’s a sing of confidence. If we don’t shake hands I notice if they look at me, then notice their eyes. Eyes say a lot about how a person is feeling at the moment.

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    1. I’m with you. If I’m dealing with a person in a way that a handshake feels right, I want to show how confident I am, and hopefully, they will do the same. Judging speech and debate contests, I get and give a lot of handshakes.

      I find that many people have a difficult time looking you in the eye. Still, I try to position myself so I can get a look-see. As you’ve probably heard, “the eyes are the windows to the soul.”

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  4. I too pay attention to the hands, as well as the way they speak and their eye contact. Do they speak with their hands while making eye contact? Do all three connect to each other? Is there disconnect? Those are the windows the a soul for me…

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    1. We are animals after all. If we allow our senses to work for us, they seldom betray. Our noses can be very perceptive.

      Oh…what a wonderful idea. I seriously needed to use a fist bump with someone my brother introduced me to this past summer. Eek!


  5. I’m not sure whether they are the first things I notice but I do notice hands and I am similarly put off anyone whose nails are dirty. I would certainly feel uncomfortable about a doctor with dirty fingernails. I also notice the hands of anyone serving me with food so if I noticed an assistant with grimy, nail-bitten fingers or hands with sores then this will put me off making a purchase or eating anything they’ve touched.

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      1. Do you know I’ve thought about it and am not really sure? It could be their eyes – not the colour but whether what they say match with what I see in their eyes, or it could just be the spirit-to-spirit connection.

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      2. Wow! Looks to me like you’ve zoomed in on what’s called incongruence. Some people say one thing and communicate something totally different in their eye movements. It’s brilliant that you have the acumen to notice. Some movements are slight. Thanks for sharing!!!

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