Truth Moment Monday!

10 thoughts on “Truth Moment Monday!”

    1. Leslie…I climbed over scads of other saved drafts to publish this one.

      I suspect you may intuit as I have when a post feels right on the day. This one pushed and shoved until I polished it up.

      Thanks for letting me know that you were inspired by it. Actually, I thought it was also kind of spiritual.

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      1. What a thought-provoking question! I’m going to say yes from the way these two words make me feel. And now speaking them out loud, both are raising my vibration. Final answer : I sure hope they are related. I’m loving the connection!!!

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  1. What a fabulous poem. Uplifting, bittersweet yet hopeful. I’m So Glad You Dropped By My Blog! That led me here and to this sweet, soulful post. Wish we could have coffee and a long chat! Bit of a problem since we’re in different countries …. 🙂

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