Two Months In!

19 thoughts on “Two Months In!”

  1. The beginning of this year has been chaotic for me. Lots of changes have left me feeling a little bit out-of-control, and I’ve found myself sinking back into that self-defeating feeling that I’m waiting for my life to begin. Thanks for the check-in and wake-up call: my life is happening now! I need to remember that!

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    1. Addie…you are so welcome. Your comment left me wondering if the ‘my life to begin’ part needs to be in all caps.

      Is there someone who needs to get a shout out that you’re more then ready to get on with your life? Your mission? Your reason for existing?

      I get the feeling that you are this kind and generous person, who will do for others before doing for yourself. I get it. So, say you give a lesser percentage these next months?! You keep 75# at least, and let the other 25# fall where it may.


  2. Oh man, this question made me realize that something has to drastically change in my life. It seems like nothing I was hoping would move forward by now is actually moving. Feel kinda stuck…I think this is a wake-up call yes. For me to go a different route or try something better. Therapy session over:-) How you doing SparkyJen?

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    1. I’m doing well. Thanks for asking.

      May I ask what “something” is, better yet will you consider defining it with a touch of specificity for yourself?

      Have a favorite pen or pencil? Then, may I further suggest one piece of paper be for the specific change you want & the other be for the GPS route that will get you there. Face north while doing so. Write On!

      Highest and Blessed.

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  3. You know how we all work out a route for ourselves to get to certain point in life and it seemed like the right path at that time, but then all of a sudden things just don’t work out the way we thought. “Something” would be “rerouting” or “a revised plan” I’ll do just as you suggested. Back to the drawing board facing north. Thanks wonderful woman!

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  4. It’s actually the right time to analyze the resolutions and vows made. For me it’s going great, infact much better than the last year. I hope the scenarios of first two months continue the whole year if not entire life😀.

    BTW…How you Doin??

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    1. Alrighty then! I suspect it is very satisfying to be experiencing a great 2017 so far. Yes yes yes, may such a feeling continue going forward into the next, next, next, and beyond.

      I’m doing well. Crossing my i’s and dotting my t’s as I remain present through any ups and down and all has proven helpful. Thanks for asking!

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    1. Yikes! I feel for ‘ya. What you wrote just sparked a flashback to my youth when my mother would cajole me into shoveling matter from the manure pile. It’s taken me years to realize both how and why the hidden nutrients in that stuff grew our flowers and vegetables. What do you think this means???


      1. I like the analogy. I remember a talk by Buffy St. Marie when she said about white people feeling guilty and indigenous people feeling pain. (my wild paraphrasing) was like buffalo dung on the prairie and it could be left as such or be put to use to make fires with. And about manure . I can sit in it or use it to grow.;)

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