Believe ‘Em the First Time!

26 thoughts on “Believe ‘Em the First Time!”

      1. The whole line where you say we have to hear and hear time and again before we let the toxic ones go. Change is hard for me and it takes a lot of convincing for me to do anything that goes out of routine and this includes people as well. So I totally relate to that more specifically out of everything.

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      2. Thanks for sharing. I agree change is hard. Sometimes it seems easier to just stick with what we’re used to. We may have even convinced our feelings that things are just the way they are because we don’t deserve better. I say get out of your feelings and into a higher sensory space where other options are more available. Highest and Best!

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  1. Excellent piece! I, too, tend to think I would never do that so could they possibly be… no, they wouldn’t. Would they? Love ourselves enough to only allow good stuff – and people – in our lives and let the negative and draining fall off. I really appreciate your positive outlook Sparky Jen!

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    1. Smart lady! I think most people start out having good intentions, then get lost in their “spiceless” emotional baggage. They don’t always realize how this may affect others, especially those they supposedly care for. We have to kindly teach them how WE want to be treated!

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  2. In retrospect I could see the “red flags” from the start. I fell in love with someone’s potential,and hoped they would change. Now I am working on myself, worthy of respect and treating others the same. Thanks, great quote from Dr Maya Angelou.

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  3. Great post!
    I look at how people treat those people that may unimportant to them at the time, such as
    a homeless person or someone down on their luck or even their waiter or waitress. I find if they treat them with respect it shows character beyond words.
    That’s the type of people I try to surround myself with.
    Enjoy your day!

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    1. That’s also a good piece of advice. It’s similar to a saying that says look at how people treat “the least of us.” I’m not calling a homeless person one of the “least,” but they are often viewed that way. And the way we treat people less fortunate than us does reveal our character.

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  4. I love this post.

    I heard of this saying (attributed to Maya Angelou) and immediately saw the truth in it. There’s something to be said by first impressions, but the moment someone gives you a peak into their character, we need to learn to trust what we see then.

    Sometimes it’s hard to pull away from someone who we should pull away from, because it’s often hard to assess a situation from close up. But, like you said, we can see red flags by the way a person treats others. For example, if someone mistreats their mother, how will they treat their lover or children?

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    1. I still want to give people along my path the benefit of the doubt. I also want it too. However, if I am going to spend more than a moment in time with these individuals, I make sure to turn up the volume on my senses…just in case!

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