The Long View!

12 thoughts on “The Long View!”

  1. Bitten in the caboose, what a great expression. Yes,lots of wise thought provoking words here. It’s definitely better to live a conscious life and have an idea of where we’re heading. Great post Jen.

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  2. I often make impulsive decisions that I know are not going to benefit me in the long run, but I still do them anyway. It’s like my rational mind is trying to be heard but my impulsive mind is just ignoring it. I think I need to work on my self-discipline 🙂

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    1. I think you’ve already been working on your self-disciplining techniques, just not in the areas you now feel you’d like to. You already know which decisions don’t benefit you. It’s time to flip the switch. Get curious!

      I wonder what would happen if you invited your two minds to the table, and introduced them to each other. Then strike up a deal. Tell them what you want more of, and less of. Negotiate. Have them shake hands, and I think you’ll see a change.


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