Motherhood and White Carnations!

20 thoughts on “Motherhood and White Carnations!”

  1. I love these reflections on motherhood, they are beyond being pithy and they are full of wisdom. Good job on locating these sayings and sharing them here. I agree that not all women are up to the task, as I am saddened by today’s news that an 11-day old baby was killed by methamphetamine , not from mother’s milk but had to be given orally or anally.The mother has been charged with second-degree murder. Our children are our youngest “elders” here to teach us.I have worked with children but chose not to have them, as I had a lot of work to do on myself and did not want to subject a young spirit to the disfunction I would pass on.

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    1. Yes it is a sad day when a baby leaves this place. Our young spirits deserve the highest and best, as do we all. There are many ways to mother. Perhaps you were chosen to pick up the slack.

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  2. Stumbled on your site a few weeks ago, been perusing it since. Had to comment this time around: excellent post. This year my own focus has been more on the aspect of how it’s really okay to be ‘just’ okay as a Mom, but that view has taken me a long time to even consider as being ‘okay’ (!).
    I’m a follower, now.

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    1. Hello Laura…and thanks for perusing. May I say that your being a Mom more than likely makes a big difference in the life of your child or children. ‘Just’ being there gives you a huge credit in my book. Everyday you give motherhood a chance, and this action is more than OK, all uppercase. Bravo!!!

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      1. Thanks for the kudos…but to clarify: my “long time to even consider (it) as being okay” occurred more after kiddos were grown…hence the ‘long time’.
        I, too, am (as you say) ‘a young 60ish…’

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  3. Motherhood is universal.
    My mother allowed the whole neighborhood to check me if I got out of line.
    She read to us, played games with us, listened to us but no matter how much fun we had with Moms we always knew she was the parent.

    Looking back I went to bed many of nights saying I hated her but today all those things I thought I hates her for now I love her for.
    The biggest lesson I learned was the world is not going to give me everything thing I want.
    It taught me not to be a victim when things don’t go my way.
    When I was young you never heard of children feeling entitled to things.
    Because parents back then really didn’t care if you liked them or not.
    They said no and kept their stance.
    Great post and quotes on motherhood.
    Happy MOTHER’S DAY!

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    1. Super comment Vernon. Thanks for weighing in with a very ‘cool’ adult male perspective.

      Hopefully lessons learned from your Mother continue to broaden your horizons along the miles this way forward.

      Yikes! The whole neighborhood huh? Thanks for sharing.

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  4. This is fabulous! Thank you for sharing, I loved reading your about your thoughts and the representation for the carnation I beautiful. Look forward to reading more. 🙂


  5. I didn’t know about the carnation story.But it is right. A carnation doesn’t lose its petals …you have to pull them off. We used to wear a white flower ( rose) if our mother had passed and a red one if she was still alive. Funny how things go and then stop.

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