Change – The Cost of Inaction!

15 thoughts on “Change – The Cost of Inaction!”

      1. I think in my case my inaction is viewed as procrastination in my mind. Perhaps another may think of it as passive aggressive behavior if the need for action affects that person. My inaction is keeping me from doing the one thing I say I want to do. Publish books. Or just one. I’ve written since I was little and that’s about fifty years worth of stories and essays that could be gathered and divided into several books. If I would be active instead of inactive regarding my writings I do in writing class every Tuesday, I would type them up and edit them. I would decide a category for each one and how it could be used if not in a book, at least as a blog post or submission to a magazine or contest. But inaction is easier. I can spend my time shifting my accumulated stuff from place to place and purging some here and there or even waste my time being on social media too much or simply reading and reading. All of these things are good in their proper time but if it means there’s inaction regarding a specific goal perhaps I should become active. I should just get on with it.

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      2. Wow! Just so you know, when you get around to it, you got this. If you can convince me this quickly & effectively, you can also convince the Part of your self that’s put a pin in you moving forward to take a meeting, come to a mutual agreement on the one piece for now that you would most enjoy pushing through to fruition, so that you can publish ASAP. Highest and Best!

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    1. Interestingly enough, change seems to be happening all the time. Could it be that what doesn’t appear to directly affect us goes unnoticed??? As an aside, we seem to be OK with guaranteed positive changes. Go figure!


    1. Last night before I started snoring [no real proof I do], I thanked Jehovah God for allowing me to live a purposeful life. I feel blessed knowing my WHY, and apparently Sparkyjen is my shiny vehicle. Thanks for noticing!!!

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  1. Love this post. The only thing that won’t ever change is change. Everything and everyone around us is changing constantly. You’re right: refusing to change will cause inFailure to embrace change and act on it will eventually lead to inaction, which can snowball into complacency, procrastination and eventually lethargy, depression and anxiety.
    BTW–I loved your comment on Amanda Owen’s “Fake” post on her The Road To There blog. You might enjoy reading it.

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