The Sleepless Elite!

18 thoughts on “The Sleepless Elite!”

  1. I love this article…
    Back in the day I slept very little while working on projects – always projects. And I was feeling pumped by ideas and progress. Now, it seems, I need a lot of sleep. Although an occasional quiet night working feels good 🙂

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  2. I’ve become a ‘night owl’ although I’m not sure it’s my natural state. I think working a mixture of day and night shifts for many years possibly changed my natural rhythm. I can feel shattered and then when I get into bed I’m wide awake and do get lots of ‘inspiration’ in those early and very peaceful hours.. What an interesting post! thanks x

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    1. I’m naturally a ‘night owl’ but have had to, and will still have to get up at the crack of dawn once in a while. I typically do whats called for in the moment, while holding my preferences close. As mentioned, I get some of my best ideas in the wee hours. But, once I hit my comfy bed, I’m soon in la la land!

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      1. I can do both too.. early or late.. as I say ‘shift work’ for many years helped.. I think originally I was more of a morning person.. (going back a long time!!).. You can’t beat a ‘comfy bed’ though.. zzzzzzzz xx

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      2. Wendy…I believe you and I can do what it takes to do what it takes. If you’ve really “lived” life, you pick up skills along the way that make flexibility a joy, wouldn’t you say?!

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