Paw People!

18 thoughts on “Paw People!”

  1. I’m guilty for being a paw person ๐Ÿ˜Š

    Sadly my little Kitty of 14 yr old has been quite confused lately eating less and less and loosing teeth. It makes me uneasy. So I spoil her with letting her spend as much time outside as she needs. She doesn’t chase the birds anymore but she enjoys laying on the porch and watch them pass around and that puts a huge smile on face ๐Ÿ˜Š ๐Ÿ˜Š ๐Ÿ˜Š

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    1. I also have an older cat. Like yours, he lays on the patio or in one of the patio chairs and sleeps to his heart’s content. He used to chase anything that moved, but now lays retired in place just enjoying the freedom of getting older with dignity. I would love to believe he will live forever, but I know this isn’t the case.

      I also smile loving him, feeding him, making sure he gets to the vet when he needs to, etc. Yours and my love as Paw People will keep our “pawsters” safe, sound, and whole-heartedly loved until…

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  2. Dog person, here, but like cats too. How do I spoil them? Lots of walks. Sometimes I share peanuts and apples with one and the other is crazy for rawhide bones-always has one. I dog and cat sit and after taking a neighbour to the vet am glad I take care of other people’s pets cause I cannot afford my own.

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    1. My dog also loves walks. We get to share nature; although I don’t push my face into the neighborhood’s grass as she does.

      Do you think our dogs sense they are helping us get exercise?

      I must admit I’m more partial to my pets then to other peoples, but interestingly enough, on occasional dogs from the neighborhood land on my patio in search of much needed attention. Curious don’t you think?!


  3. I’m definitely a ‘doggy’ person Jen.. I don’t mind cats ‘at a slight distance’ unless they are trying to pinch the baby blackbirds in my garden.. I know it’s ‘nature’ but they get short sharp shrift in the Spring .. haha x.

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      1. Absolutely NOT our birds Jen.. I spent a full day trying to keep all the cats of the neighbourhood out of our garden when the baby blackbirds came out of the nest! It would have gone viral if it had been video’d …. haha!! Have a brilliant weekend x

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    1. Curious. I don’t know much about the Middle East, and what I’ve heard suggests rules need not be challenged there. Wondering now if those in power have dogs??? Just a thought. No matter, a fine selection of dogs await your return. Enjoy your weekend!

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