Truth Moment Monday!

20 thoughts on “Truth Moment Monday!”

  1. Hi Sparky Jen great post have been around awhile I have technical issues off and on my computer plucked out but it is onward and upward I hope all is well with you I have to remember this post very good thank you very much again


  2. Oh my goodness, with all this scrolling that is going on, I actually reached my finger to the screen and patted that little critter’s nose. Love the advice, as I am trying to follow my heart now as I seek alternative ways to earn a living. Happy day to you, Sparky Jen!

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  3. This post is a breath of fresh air to read. Then I got to the bunny…yes, I pet it.
    I’ll use social media as an example. I sometimes see people apologize for not posting in a while, and it baffles me. This is because I believe no one should feel any form of guilt or “anxiety” for taking time.
    Great post Sparky Jen.

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