The Hunch!

22 thoughts on “The Hunch!”

  1. Oh yah! When I was much younger, it started to rain and I decided to hitch hike. A fellow pulled over rather quickly, turned the corner and backed up. I thought he went out of his way to do so, with one of those “hunchy” feelings. Sure enough, he went past where I wanted to get out and continued out of town on the highway. When we came to a little store he had to slow down and that is when I made the decision to jump out of the car…BAD man! People behind stopped and helped me. On a more positive note, I took a job for a season not knowing the area which was way out in the boonies or the boss-but it “felt right”…best time of my life! I gained a wealth of experience and confidence there and returned to work there again the next summer.It is so easy to ignore hunches or our intuition but we can train ourselves to listen to it as well. A good reminder as I may step forward into a new career decision-have a feeling it is totally wrong for me, which falls in line with “Listen to your heart…it knows where it is going.” I still am waffling on this decision.Regarding your situation, I am wondering if he had a hunch of some sort before backing up. Sorry to hear…it was a new car which is devastating!


    1. Thanks for sharing several of your “hunchy” moments. Although subtle, they can, and often do cash out big. I believe, if we don’t listen, all in-sight will cease to prompt us.

      I also love your quote: ‘Follow your heart, it knows where it is going.’ Brilliant!


    1. I feel you. Sometimes I get a little annoyed with my hunches. Yet, I know whether in my gut, my head, or heart…go with, not against. I’ve read & heard spoken that we have far more insight(s) then we give ourselves credit for. Fascinating to be sure!

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  2. I love this! I’m a strong believer in hunches and gut feelings. I get them all the time and, from a young age, have made a point of taking notice. They never let me down. It’s true to say that when I have poo-hooed them I’ve paid the price!
    Would it be ok to share this please?
    I love your blog, it always inspires me. You truly are a wise woman!

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    OK, so I just had to share. This is great post from an amazing blogger. I’m sure some days Sparkyjen blogs just for me lol. If you’re not already following this brilliant blog I highly recommend you go over and check it out. It is a blog full of beautiful, inspiring, insightful posts that are guaranteed to make you feel good and get you thinking.

    Thank you Sparkyjen!

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  4. I believe that following my instinctual knowledge aka hunches is an exercise of self trust. I trust my senses to collectively work together and give input that’s beneficial to the whole of me. I trust my spirit to instruct my soul so that my physical body will act to keep me safe. It’s in their best interest to work together and it’s in my best interest to let them ☺️

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