Surviving Nature’s Life-Threatening Scenarios!

23 thoughts on “Surviving Nature’s Life-Threatening Scenarios!”

    1. Yes it is something to think about Vernon. I imagine it’s been on most if not all of our minds of late. Preparedness is so important, because it can happen to any of us.

      I chuckled at your third thing to take though. Coupled with the adrenaline you’d probably already be feeling, that energy drink would make you superman!!!

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  1. oh gosh..stay away from Vern! He’s gonna be bouncing off the walls…lol great post and so needed right now. So many never prepare. oh, they think about it, decide it is a great idea then totally put it off. George and I live in tornado alley. We do not have a tornado shelter and the house is over 100 years old…no basement either. So, we had to seriously think and make a plan. first we closed off permanently the hallway except for one exit on the south (tornadoes tend to go from south to east according to the emergency management guy) and our southern wall is the sturdiest. In the hallway, we have a large cabinet with everything we would need for a few days (up to a week) before being found. Enough water, sterile, for two people and two dogs. canned goods with pop tops, trash bags, toilet paper, kitty litter (for a disposable toilet in a trash bag), space blankets, a first aid kit, a radio with extra batteries, two flashlights, and a change of clothing for each of us. We also have a week’s worth of rx meds we have to have and my spare diabetes test kit. The cab is also where I store my laptop, which has files of all our important papers, BC., marriage cert,driver’s licenses, passports, photos, wills and POA. I am pretty sure we would be okay for a week. And I gave coordinates to the county emergency management office so first responders would know where to look for us.

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    1. Wow! Impressive. You and your hus have dotted every i and crossed every t. I’m taking notes from you two. And I love that you’ve included your pets needs in the mix.

      Recently I read that some people abandon their pets. Then later expect responders to rescue them later. Boo hiss!

      Here’s hoping your alley stays clear, and nary a week goes by with you & yours in the midst of a whirl.

      Thanks so much for sharing your comprehensive experience disaster plan Suze. Much appreciated!


      1. From my desktop I can see that people are in distress and for some utter despair. Like you Wendy I am sending best wishes as they resume their lives in some sort of tranformational order.

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  2. Thank you! for asking these important questions that I never really stopped to consider. I really appreciate this post even though I am “far away from” from the geography of Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Irma.

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    1. We are blessed to live far away from these recent hurricanes. Still, being mindful of what our own areas [Midwest for me] could deliver [blistering ice storms, crushing snow falls, flash flooding, and foreboding tornados] is prudent.

      Thankfully, early warning systems are in place, which helps planning and pre-stocking up on “family specific essentials.” Just some thoughtful mentions!

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  3. O eas faced with this decision back in 2003 with a bog fire nearing my home. I packed my cat, some legal documents and a couple of special items. No clothes, trinkets… We survived by the skin of our teeth and some great firemen/ women. 🌼

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  4. In addition to the what has been mentioned-I would take my journals of over 30 yrs-a chest with memories and keepsakes-anymore room-the violin that has helped me feed my children. I have gone over this many times as we live where hurricanes and tornadoes are likely.

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  5. Oh my goodness.. I can’t begin to imagine! You’ve got me thinking though Jen – we never know what’s round the next corner although I can thankfully be pretty certain it’s not a hurricane! xx

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  6. This is great food for thought! Even though I have made some preparations in case of an emergency, my focus has been more on preparing with the thought that we would be in our home. Granted, we are fortunate to not live in an area where we would have to evacuate, but you never know so this post really gave me some food for thought! It is definitely something I will be thinking more about!!

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