Truth Moment Monday!

6 thoughts on “Truth Moment Monday!”

  1. Definitely about how you play. Doesn’t pay to worry about what you’re dealt. Maybe doesn’t work perfectly with this analogy, but if you’re lucky you’ll hopefully also find a couple people you love and trust to slip you a couple helpful aces along the way!

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  2. It’s as real as it comes. And in this game one must encounter haters, disappointments, love, joy and pain which are only there to test and reward one depending on how one handle’s them. It’ll equally bare to one that trust is a luxury except given a benefit of doubts… It helps one to grow…

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    1. My my…you’re thinking all up in it today. I’m here to grow, and I suspect you are too. So…we gotta take it all, ’cause that’s what experience is, and that’s where wisdom comes from. Bootstraps, use bootstraps to pull up when necessary!

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