Superstition Gets In Your Way!

19 thoughts on “Superstition Gets In Your Way!”

  1. I love Stevie Wonder anything. My music classes will be hearing “Superstition” next week! Hope you catch my future post on Superstition in a few weeks-It is a funny story. Loved the way you “crossed your fingers”- just in case! haha!

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  2. Great post and I always say: results are geared towards whatever we believe and fear. Try Africa if you really want to be awed with diverse superstitions and norms. It’s really deeply rooted in cultures and made manifest in religions…

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  3. Oh my goodness! Many decades ago I was visiting a friend’s home and she told me to sit in a chair that had her mother’s purse in it. I picked up the purse and carried it to her bedroom where I left it on the floor. Minutes later we were shaken when her mother bellowed “WHO PUT MY PURSE ON THE FLOOR??!!” She stormed into the room and gave me a fierce look as if I hadn’t been raised well; and she gave her daughter a threatening look for having invited such a person into her home. “You’re going to make it so I never have any money, again! Don’t you know better than to put a woman’s purse on the floor?!”

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