Apples Galore!

13 thoughts on “Apples Galore!”

  1. Sparky Jen, I’m partial to Fuji apples, but when making apple pie mix green Granny Smiths with Fujis (&/or Gala) for a crisp blend. (@ Christmas usually add plumped cranberries to apple filling -a hit the past few years!) One of my most fav recipes is a southern Apple Pecan cake that is moisty & loaded with goodness. In recent years have made Chloe Coscarelli’s vegan apple cake (in her Italian cookbook) that is simple, elegant & delectable!! Here’s to apple groupies & the apple season!!! 🍁🍎🍁🍏🍁🍎🍁🍏🍁

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  2. We had a small grove of apple trees growing up-when they bore heavily, we had apple pie every day and apple sauce. I remember being so tired of apples! Now how wonderful it would be to walk in her kitchen and smell apple cooking. thank you for reminding me of that time.

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