The HORROR of Not Feeling Loved!

23 thoughts on “The HORROR of Not Feeling Loved!”

  1. It sure takes skill to navigate the different ways of love, life gets easily complicated otherwise. I enjoyed your post with real life examples. I think unconditional love is something I keep cultivating and learning.

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  2. I remember reading a book ” The Five Love Languages” that describes the ways we understand and respond to Love . When we are in tune with our “language” or what language we most respond to, as well as our partner’s “Language’ we respond better to each other’s needs and everyone is happier.. It is a book that I can recommend.

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    1. You blessed my blog with a comment, so I responded in kind. Besides, the notification bell went off, and you probably already know that we should promptly respond to our bells and whistles.๐Ÿ˜‰

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  3. 1,3,6 & 7 all feel part of my life. Probably the strongest is Familial love as my family is very important to me and I’m fortunate that they all live close so I see them often. xx

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      1. You’re right Jen – I do and I feel very blessed! Yes – love really does have to be unconditional although I didn’t always see it that way when I was younger.. xx

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  4. this is a great read. I can’t answer your question at this time because my relationship with love needs examination before description. I know my children and my mother love me but I feel that’s it. I do have a lot of love for others however and that makes me feel good

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