Power & Booty!

14 thoughts on “Power & Booty!”

  1. Sparky Jen, just today I was listening to the news discussing the current state of Hollywood. I’m still trying to grasp all that’s coming out – did no one stand up? It would seem so based on everything coming out. Such predatory behaviour. This goes beyond Hollywood though – everyday folks having to decide their “worth.”
    Thanks for sharing your story and for standing your ground.


  2. I’m glad you were able to walk out of that situation unscathed.

    We are being reminded of just how prevalent sexual harassment and sexual assault are in our society, particularly in Hollywood and positions of power. It was only a matter of time before some people were found out but now even more victims feel free to speak up. I’m cheering them on and I sincerely hope their situations lead to fitting solutions.

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      1. At the very least, I hope that the people coming forward allow others who were victimized to do the same. What’s going on in Hollywood (and in politics) seems promising in this regard, but I hope it leads to justice.

        There needs to be a reckoning and an end to the culture that allows people in positions of power to get away with their abuse. Too many people make excuses for the abusers. That needs to stop.


  3. Principle first. Always. I admire how you handled that. I have a story about this that I will tell someday, I just need to change some names and places first. And no, I wasn’t a perpetrator just an unhappy witness.
    Great post Jen

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