An…An…An…Anything But A Fruitcake?!

20 thoughts on “An…An…An…Anything But A Fruitcake?!”

  1. I make some gorgeous fruit cakes each year and I know people eat them because they ask me to make them…mine are a bit different than the average buy in a store cakes though. I have a chocolate cherry fruitcake, a banana split fruit cake…..several tropical fruit cakes……I use all fresh fruits and candy them myself first. and I never, ever use citron (that horror of a pretend fruit) as citrus rinds taste…well…nasty actually.

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  2. Sparky Jen, no one I personally know likes fruit cake!!! 😂 As a matter of fact we Jamaicans hate it so much that we reinvented the wheel and created rum cake, also known as black cake to enjoy at Christmas time. To the fruit cake on the couch, nobody likes you for real! LOL! Would love to participate in that toss!
    Thanks for the good chuckle Jen. Merry Christmas. 🙂

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    1. LOL. I also love the black cake. I wish I could get on a list to purchase one every year at Xmas time. I think you have to order a year in advance. The rum has to soak in I guess. Drunken deliciousness. Happy Holidays!

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  3. I’m torn, I’ve never had one I liked but I still believe there’s one out there that I might. As a traditional guy, I like them for the memories of better days they bring

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  4. Sparky Jen, my Mama loved fruitcake, so I ordered them from Trappist Monasteries like Holy Spirit Monastery in Atlanta, GA (& delectable fudge from Gethsemane Monastery in Louisville, KY.) Before those fruitcakes, I wasn’t a fan – but they were really tasty (must be those Spirited ingredients used by the monks!) Mama has passed, but we still get fruitcakes & remember her with a piece (or 2 or 3!) Holiday hugs! ✨🎂✨🌟✨🎂✨

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