Truth Moment Monday!

27 thoughts on “Truth Moment Monday!”

    1. First, I heard on a Netflix show I was watching, checked it, then wrote the post from my thoughts about it. Like you, I will never forget it. One other blogger thinks it has great potential for self-improvement. Fantastic potential indeed!

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      1. I agree with you. If you think about it, it’s not pretty. But it is a biological fact that I find fascinating, if sad. And I think it’s in an apt analogy for what us humans do when we are in a situation that continues to worsen and we don’t pay attention.

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      2. I ran away from foster care at 15. Survival teaches you to pay attention. You either make some apt decisions or perish. I never believed that humans were put on this 🌏 to suffer. We were given the power to choose from the inside out. Living our lives with eyes shut is suffering! What? Are we too blind to see how wonderfully we are made so much so that we can’t thrive instead? Sad indeed!


    1. Here’s hoping that we avoid too many, if any, bells and whistles before we become aware of any personal operating systems that no longer serve us. I think that’s key — being aware as we start each new year of what is working for us, and what does not. I know it’s not always easy to cut ourselves off from what may have become “comfortable,” but I always try to think of my highest and best in doing so. This helps to cut the cord for me!

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      1. Oh gosh no. Comfort can actually throw one’s game totally off. In my opinion, it’s elusive at best, because that feeling only lasts so long before something outside your particular realm of comfort makes a change.

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  1. What a thought provoking quote. Really does raise so many questions and I love the way you took us through a process of thinking. We have so much potential that we sometimes don’t even realise we’re squanderibg. Certainly opened my eyes so thank you. Great post.


  2. The quote certainly has given me reason to pause and ponder the connections between my minutes and years. Self-examination is painfully yoke breaking. The liberation that comes from acknowledging our own truth and consequences seems to be the point. A quite brilliant one I might add! 🦋💕

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    1. I actually find self-examination quite exhilarating. If it helps me find something within my self I no longer need, I can then remove & make space for something I do. So 🤔 is great! I’m chuffed you have found a reason to pause & ponder. Time waits for no one. Don’t know right off who first said this, but yeah!!!


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