Happy Endings!

17 thoughts on “Happy Endings!”

  1. ‘With all the good business that came their way, Chanty was able to leave her job and do what her hearts passion was…move to the country side with her family and lived happily ever after.’ My happy ending:-) I guess that’s why we so busy working, working, working…to get to that happy ending. As long as we don’t forget to be happy with the in-between too. Mmmmh Interesting Jen.

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    1. Absolutely! Each interval, each accomplishment, has a beginning, middle, and upon completion is a happy ending. So yes, I sincerely hope you take the time to breathe, rest, and appreciate along the way. Even those instances which try your resolve to succeed, when behind you are happy endings. Congrats!🎉

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  2. Finishing the course was a happy ending. Frankly I wasn’t enjoying it any more and was happy when it was over. Are you doing “New Beginnings” next? Now I am supposed to find a practicum but would be just as happy finding a new job that pays me.

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    1. Congrats on finishing the course Jane. I just had an exciting thought. Suppose in searching for a practicum, you find the possibility of a new job as well? You ask the right question(s), and somebody will have the answers you seek. Highest and Best!


  3. I loved this post! “A happy ending is not promised, but it’ll be one amazing story.” That’s right! Each of us will be one amazing story because we all have amazing journeys. This doesn’t mean they will be pain-free! I love your positivity. A great addition to my Monday! Have a fantastic week, SparkyJen!

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