Are UA Happy Camper?

10 thoughts on “Are UA Happy Camper?”

  1. I giggled at that “just don’t follow them around all day”…….yes, that would be creepy! lol I think of myself as a happy person. Oh, I get a bit angry sometimes …actually I become filled with righteous indignation and then verbally explode in a blog post rant…but usually I have a smile on my face and just plain enjoy life. Thanks for reminding me of an international holiday though…

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  2. Ahem, I have been swearing at the time it has taken me to answer and re-enter a site in order to answer questions for a job application on a user-confusing site. Do I really want to work for this company? Does this make me an unhappy camper? Hm-m-m… time for a break. Have a great day, Jen!

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