Tick Tock BOOM!!!

8 thoughts on “Tick Tock BOOM!!!”

  1. Well said and great scenarios. I too , have done them all. So-called social media bombards us with tales of who did what to whom but people being vindictive forget that when they dish dirt on someone else, they get some on themselves. I remember a meditation about the “pause”. This refers to the pause one takes before expressing an opinion, an emotion, or even going in that direction. The pause can help us take a breath and relax, enough time to stop going wherever we were going to go in our mind, words and action and just let go.

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    1. Jane, I 💗 it. The “pause” in any kind of discourse is so necessary. It absolutely gives an opportunity to take a breath, which as we know is the path to witnessing the present moment. Oh what a blog post expounding on the “pause” would make. Brilliant share. Thanks!


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