The Funny & Serious Sides of Motherhood!

15 thoughts on “The Funny & Serious Sides of Motherhood!”

  1. Thank you for this Mothers day meditation, Sparkyjen.
    Motherhood is a homemade role; a wide expression of love-in-action; a giant stewardship of creativity, nurture, guidance, support, protection, discipline, understanding, and sacrifice – maybe with affection and humor. It may also include tears, pain, confusion, heartache, mistakes, and regret; as well as joy, pride, and evolution.

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  2. Happy Mother’s day to all the Mothers out there. It is a tough job with wonderful benefits. I am grateful for all the things mine taught me and for all the hugs, teaching of values, hair-stroking, band-aids for my boo-boos and for letting me lick the spoon. Thank you Mom.

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