Is Your Family Harboring Royal Pains In the Ass?

12 thoughts on “Is Your Family Harboring Royal Pains In the Ass?”

  1. First, I hate unnecessary dramas and awkward moments. I’ll tell you your wrongs and how they’re affecting me and I’ll keep my distance somewhat as to aid me monitor and analyse you from a distant away…

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  2. Yup – we all seem to have at least one! I used to ignore this person’s awful behaviour, but a few months ago they stepped way over the line – I mean WAY OVER. They posted some pretty awful stuff on social media because they were angry with certain members of the family, but in the process dragged us all through the dirt and mire. The only sane response was not to respond at all – still haven’t. It’s uncomfortable and sickening but that’s what I had to do. Being family does not give a person carte blanche to walk all over you. You treat people how to treat you by what you put up with. This person got away with it for too long in the name of peace. No more. And I am much, much happier without this drama and crap in my life. Perhaps one day the bridge can be rebuilt but for now I simply cannot forgive the unwarranted and hateful attacks.

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      1. Oops on the typing. Our technology likes to butt in way too much sometimes. We have to teach it just like you mentioned teaching some people, family included. Ugh 😑


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