Sometimes Shaving is Necessary!

20 thoughts on “Sometimes Shaving is Necessary!”

  1. I finished an internship today where I spent a month and a half being taught some new skills and relearning old ones. Often I was ignored and spoken to only when necessary to critique what I did wrong, although there were some good conversations. I often felt very lonely, very bored and was reduced to tears a couple of times. When I left today I decided to focus on the solution and thanked people for the lesson and appreciated the opportunity. Moving forward and doing the next indicated thing…

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  2. Hi Sparkyjen – You’ve done a good job -again!- of sparking thought, making me “press pause” to think. I have to admit that I often spend a lot of time trying to understand the components of certain problems. But you are right: the road to SOLVING a problem is more direct – it has energy and moves things forward.

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    1. Hi Leslie. I wonder where else you can place your “scientific” need for understanding besides on ‘the components of certain problems’?

      Why not on the components of certain solutions???

      Personally, I’m a firm believer in the power of human Energy, and what we’re capable of choosing to do with it.

      There’s also this…if we can’t direct viable solutions towards our problems, maybe we don’t have any viable problems to solute. Our thinking however is another matter!

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  3. That’s absolutely true Jen. Life is very simple and yet we waste so much time complicating it! I hope you’re enjoying a lovely and perfectly simple weekend! xx

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      1. As you can probably guess, the beginning of June has been pretty busy and emotional – we’ve been clearing down my mother-in-laws home after she died last year and having put it off for months, we couldn’t delay anymore. It’s not easy is it clearing down someone elses life… Well now it’s done, it’s like a weight of our shoulders so onward and upward and Tuscany holiday here we come!!! I hope you enjoy the rest of June Jen and thanks for your lovely comments! xxx

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      2. I can’t imagine having to clear down someone else’s life Wendy, I mean having to decide on what’s to be done with all their treasures. Now done & dusted for you & yours, Tuscany must seem like a treat. Enjoy!


  4. I am blessed, have very little unwanted hair anywhere! Now, if I could just learn to shave off my bad thoughts and feelings.

    Great news, I an finally going to be losing my monthly blood flow problems via surgery on the 25th of this month. Looking forward to the day!

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