Not Now…How About Later?!

32 thoughts on “Not Now…How About Later?!”

    1. Dehan…We deserve to reward ourselves as a way of tangibly showing how much You Appreciate You!

      I often just say “Thank you Jen.” This is a verbal reward and acknowledgment. It still makes me feel good. I’ve also found that rewarding Self alleviates any disappointments when your accomplishments are ignored by others.

      Always have your own back!!!

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    1. I reward myself on a daily basis. It doesn’t have to be much, just a “Thanks Jen” will do it.

      But, I will also make “reward pacts” with myself. Thankfully, no one ever told me I wasn’t worthy of a pat on the back, so I feel deserving.

      Thanks for visiting today, and especially for leaving your comment. I love those!!!


  1. Oh, I know people who have a problem with procrastination. I also procrastinate, but not in a way that my entire life is affected by it. The problem of the procrastinators I know, is the deadline…they hate having to do something on a deadline. But there’s some good advice here, thank you! 😉

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  2. I admit, I am a full-on procrastinator! There’s always something else that I would much rather be doing than what needs to be done! You know what I find though? I work best “under pressure” and at the last minute. I love how you say to reward yourself, that is something I never think to do. Being a 43 year old stay at home mom of a beautiful, bright little two year old, I feel accomplished to just be able to get a sentence or two written without interruption LOL!

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    1. You prefer having a deadline then? If this way serves your highest and best self…alrighty then ***

      You might consider rewarding yourself while you are rewarding your two year old. Sound like a win-win??!

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    1. I love watching the telly. I use my love for it as a way to reward myself for getting something else accomplished.

      I also sometimes clean the room I’m in during commercials. There’s a need and a want done and dusted together!!!

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  3. Treat yo self! I think this is a great post! It’s always a lot easier to accomplish a dull task when there’s a reward at the end. Sometimes my rewards are conceptual (I’m one step closer to my goal) and other times the rewards are just for me (chocolate chip cookie time!). Great reminder to remind ourselves why we do, what we do.

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    1. Well said. Do the work…get the reward.

      I believe even the coach potato (I didn’t coin this), gets rewarded. I just don’t believe they get your conceptual reward or my sense of accomplishment reward.

      And…probably no chocolate chip cookies either!


  4. Well, I do things a little bass ackward. I live alone with two cats. I have a few friends and family who live near me. Hardly anyone comes over except maybe once or twice a month. I let things get a little dusty and it finally bothers me. Then I go on a cleaning rampage and hurt for two days after. But the comparison of dirty to clean is my reward; oddly enough the dust and cat hairs serve as motivation. LOL. So I am an oddball woman. Good blog post though.

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  5. Recent decisions in my life definitely involved ‘stopped biting off more than I can chew’ and I’m a great believer in the ‘chunking down’ philosophy too. Great thought provoking post! x

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      1. You’re absolutely right – stopping something creates time to start something new and exciting. Sometimes it feels hard to stop and when you do you wonder why it took so long because suddenly new opportunities quickly arise and new doors open!


  6. I entirely understand that idea that procrastination is a result of doing what we have to do rather than what we want to do. I always find it funny that right when I sit down to grade student work on Monday morning, that’s when I have flashes of all sorts of short stories I want to write. When I have time to write, I can’t come up with any good ideas and procrastinate forever! Deadlines are my key motivators, though–and chocolate on occasion!

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    1. Thanks for your comments. I love receiving them. Here are a few of my thoughts after reading your comment.

      What would happen if you and your class wrote a few short stories together? Would quarterly work? Do your students motivate and inspire you? Throw in a chocolate reward for everyone.

      As mentioned, these were my instant thoughts when I read your comment.

      One more might be to open WordPress (new post) on Monday morning. When you hear a story come to mind, or it comes into view, write the title and a word or two. Save the draft copy. You’d be surprised how many ready-made shorties you’ll have before you know it.

      Just some mentions.


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