Truth Moment Monday!

16 thoughts on “Truth Moment Monday!”

    1. Memories are so precious Ash, the good and the dodgy ones alike. Contained within each I feel, are select blueprints of our lives. Who we are, who we would sincerely like to be, our fabric mixed with our pasts, our now, and our presupposed futures. Awesome is a wonderful descriptor. Stay thoughtful.

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  1. I love this Jen – so so true and I’ve made lots of ’em… A long road full of trips along the way and the trips definitely became full on falls when I didn’t learn the lessons along the route! Fun though …

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    1. The wonderful thing about mistakes Wendy is that they give us information. If I’m on track with NLP, it teaches us to view them as such. We then get to choose how we want to use this information, right then or over time.

      Personally, I love this about life experiences, and as you mentioned, experiencing them can be fun too. Still, I believe when we perceive them as such and such, they become such & such.

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  2. Omigosh! I can really relate to this post. Forgiving myself and letting go of mistakes I’ve made presented quite a challenge for me in the past. And it is true that “mistakes are some of the best memories” and make for great storytelling. Thanks!

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    1. Oh yes Leslie. Some of my best storytelling experiences come from moments I’ve experienced throughout my life. What I have also found to be true is the more I tell even the most harrowing stories, the less emotion is attached to that story, which helps to let what might have been the pain of it go.

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  3. Anyone famous has made mistakes along the way and learned from them and persisted until they found their way. Not that they are more important than we regular people, we just hear about them more often and we can learn from their experience. Self-forgiveness has been a big stumbling block for me, especially in areas where I have repeated the same mistake. Appreciate the reminder and hopefully won’t go that way again.

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    1. Ooh could I tell you some stories about repeating the same mistake over again. Personally, I believe I’ve done this because I wasn’t ready to accept I was making a mistake. I viewed it as something else, and was curious to find out what.

      Maybe we just want to be sure before moving on. Maybe we want to develop some new strategies right where we are, or maybe it’s all about control. Once we understand how true control of ourselves & our decisions work, we feel more empowered to fail forward. I like learning on my own terms.

      Permission is a great word to toss into this mix I think. Give yourself permission 1st, then no forgiveness is necessary. Embrace your human side. No regrets!

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