The Crisis of Attention!

9 thoughts on “The Crisis of Attention!”

  1. I stopped at the paragraph about smells that I notice. Right now it is smoke from the forest fires that are keeping me indoors. But I thought also of smells I like such as fresh-cut grass, baking bread, cinnamon buns, popcorn, mmm yum! Then I thought about how distracted I am in a crowd of people at a bar or a restaurant and how hard it is to stay focused on the person that I am talking to. I have been noticing my irritability lately travelling on the bus and have been asking myself what that is about. So noisy with people talking on their cell phones. I like the note about paying attention to my feelings and focusing on what is agreeable. Overall there is a lot to think about in today’s blog. I hear the radio and Aretha’s voice in the background. Now THAT has to grab my attention. I feel sad for her family and friends but happy that she is free from that dreadful disease and reflective about how long I have listened to her…all my teen-aged and adult life! So I guess I am floating from one thought to another today and I am okay with that. Have a great day, Jen!

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    1. Jane I guess when it comes to our senses, it’s all about how we feel our way through invasions of our personal space. We don’t exactly “invite” sights, sounds, smells, and wandering tastes in do we?

      However, when it comes to the vocal stylings of the Queen of Soul, we have, do, and probably will always invite her in. May she Rest In Peace, never more afflicted!

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  2. The question you asked about being “more curious about things outside of our comfort zone” really resonates with me. I am learning that being curious tempers anxiety about encountering things outside of my comfort zone and ideas about how I think “things should go.” When I was younger I was more curious, and yet, I had this idea that getting older also meant becoming more “sure.” I didn’t understand that curiosity and flexibility would be required for the long haul. Thank you for again for posting something that helps me to pause and reflect in a meaningful way❣️

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  3. things that get my attention are tiny details. smells that remind me of my childhood, the rare sighting of a person doing something good like picking up a dropped item or opening a door. I tend to close myself off to ugliness and look for the good things

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