Crossroads – Journey of Reflection!

15 thoughts on “Crossroads – Journey of Reflection!”

  1. Hey Jen, Happy Sunday. What an excellent story and the images so brilliant. Very deep and profound. Many crossroads, I have never let my self-get stuck for too long, cause you gotta move forward. we have to face the fears, the pain, otherwise, they will never be settled or reconciled in some way and we will always be peaceless.

    Great post
    Happy sunday and happy reset of the week.

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    1. Happy Sunday to you too. Thanks for your comment. I always love getting them. You are absolutely right about there being ‘many crossroads.’ Acceptance is key here!

      Like you, I can’t imagine getting stuck for too long. We’d never move very far along our life paths if we allowed ourselves to get/remain sedentary for too long. We learn. We grow. We apply. We fail forward!

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