10 Ways to Engage In Conversations You Might Actually Enjoy!

15 thoughts on “10 Ways to Engage In Conversations You Might Actually Enjoy!”

  1. Thanks for this, Sparkyjen – as someone who easily rambles on (& on) about fav topics, I like the reminder to keep my imput short like a mini-skirt. Allows more time to listen – what makes conversing a conversation. Blessings! 🌷👥🗣👥🌷

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  2. I so appreciate this post, as I have been working to modify my conversation skills in recent years. When I was younger I was afraid to admit when I didn’t know about something that was referred to in conversation, but found it even more disorienting to pretend that I did. Asking people for clarification turned out to be less embarrassing than I’d imagined (#5). The tips that I would like to employ are #1, #3, and #9. I want to practice being more curious about what others have to share. I’ve often responded by nodding my head and saying things like “Wow!” but missed the opportunity to ask a question or two.

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    1. There’s probably a good time and not so to ask questions. Whenever we do though, I’ve found that folks love being invited to tell us more.

      My personal favorite folks are seniors. Most have some awesome wisdom to share!

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  3. Oh number 2! The minute someone does this to me in a conversation I shut down. I have (several) relatives who LOVE to do just this. Please, don’t do it! If you do, work on changing it! It makes the other person feel like you think you are smarter than them. You may very well know more on a subject, but please, don’t make the other person feel like they are an uneducated idiot in a classroom…sorry, sore subject for me, lol 😉
    As an introvert, number five has always been difficult for me. I need to practice on doing this one more often and realizing that just because I don’t know something, doesn’t mean I am not intelligent. 🙂 Great List! God Bless!

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    1. We can work anything out with the right sort of communication skills. Hopefully, while I’m writing about it, I hope I’m also taking these tips to heart, and practicing them as well. There’s a saying that goes: “Good communication is depicted by the response you get.”

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  4. Hi Sparkyjen, I wholeheartedly agree with every point you put forward.
    To listen truly and deeply is no 1 on my list. In a lively conversation with
    a close friend our words might tumble over each other but not in groups or with
    new aquiantances.

    Thank you


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