Ahhhhhh! Senior Moments.

15 thoughts on “Ahhhhhh! Senior Moments.”

      1. I’ve been up in the Northwoods were cabin WiFi is sketchy at best. I’m chuffed I haven’t missed your bland humor altogether. It usually makes my day. Great weekend you!!!😜

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  1. A great topic, Jen! I think a lot of the memory losses are from multi-tasking and thinking of too many things at once. I always feel relieved when I hear someone in their twenties complain that their memory is going. It is not just us “older folk.” The scenario of going into a room and forgetting what I was there for has happened 3 times in a row but I just stop, take a deep slow breath and refocus, as you suggest. It works.

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    1. We just have to “call our attention “ back Jane. It’s ours, so why let it run off? Thrilled you think this topic is great. It certainly gives us pause. Have a great weekend!💥


  2. Thanks for putting these things into perspective, and with dashes of humor! I like to think about the fact that our minds have a lot more “files” in them than they did when we first started out, so there’s more to sort through and delete!

    The father of good friend of mine died recently. He was 89 years old and had lived quite a life. When he was in his early 80s, we were chatting and he told me that it was “a relief” to not have to remember everything! I’d never considered that before. It was as if he had given himself permission to loosen his grip on remembering things that really were no longer of use.

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    1. Yes, I think we can all learn from our elders who appear to have much less stress letting some remembrances go. I mean if they no longer serve us, why hang on to them? Besides, we can free up some room for new ones. Very exciting!

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