Sweet Potato Pie…

13 thoughts on “Sweet Potato Pie…”

      1. Oh my God Jen, that’s a good question. Anytime food would be the most boring answer you could possibly hear. But dead man walking last meal would be.. Wait for it “corned beef hash”. Yup grandmother’s way and I’m set. Lol don’t take much to please. Christmas food would have to be any type of cookie. Another guilty pleasure.

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      2. I’ll bet grandma not only loaded that corn beef hash with love, but also her “secret” ingredient. I imagine she also turned you on to the best homemade Christmas 🎄 cookies on the planet. Just think of the joy she got watching you savor, then enjoy her goods. Thanks for sharing!

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      3. You’re absolutely right Jen. It’s the simplest things sometimes. Thank you for your thought provoking post. Always a pleasure. 🙂 I was heading to bed on my last response so it was a good thought to lie down to.

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      4. Here’s hoping you enjoyed a tasty Thanksgiving Ash. I got busy this year making vegetables dishes for our family gathering. Both the asparagus, and the sprouts turned out pretty good.

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