Truth Moment Monday!

12 thoughts on “Truth Moment Monday!”

  1. Your post came as a great energy boost to me 🙂 I am forever exploring what is it that stops me from making my place on this planet. It begins with, as you rightly say, saying NO to personal injustice, making your space known at home and then taking the process out into the world. I am continually learning this skill.

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    1. I applaud you for being so aware of where you’d most like to improve. To me, this means that you’re putting your best efforts into learning and growing.

      May I suggest you ask yourself directly: “What stops me from saying NO anytime?”

      Sure, our hearts may skip a beat when we say NO, but we don’t die. The thing, or those things we want less of in our lives do!!!

      Talk about Pride of Place…This is when it starts taking over, and us further along our paths.💥

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      1. You surely infused me with a bright spark 🙂 I love your matter-of-fact – We don’t die of the discomfort, things that we don’t want anyway do! I embrace your idea of Pride of Place and ask for it to take over more powerfully than ever!

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  2. Yesterday I downloaded a package of apps, got to watch those packages, they can be overwhelming. I contacted the company to speak up and admitted I cannot afford this purchase.( It was a rash decision because it was such a GOOD deal) I got support from the company and my refund. Other than that, I have to continually work at speaking up . There was a time when I was either totally passive-aggressive, or overbearing, but am learning to deliver in a strong but gentler way, without discounting myself and others. I find it hardest in long term relationships, when friends think they know so much about me, my preferences and how I feel. It is my responsibility to speak up. I have lost relationships after speaking up and I did do it in a loving way, without blame but making a request on my own behalf-they did not like me being assertive. It had to do about them making an itinerary and not hearing my ideas and making decisions based on assumptions without asking me. I was passive too long partially because I liked their suggestions for what we did but also was feeling resentful. (that is definitely a sign that all is not well) I spoke up. I felt better and I felt heard while realizing this person will still make assumptions but it is my job to call them on it. I like assertive people, I know where I stand with them.. Another friend once said that if one wasn’t being assertive, they weren’t being honest. I thought about it, and realized that that is true! Thank you, Jen, for bringing this topic to mind, it sure got me examining this issue.


    1. Jane I wonder sometimes if people who appear to not like you or me being assertive are instead upset because they really feel they are not assertive enough, but wish they were. Maybe…just a little envious!

      However we come off to another person in the beginning of our relationship is the only way they will ever accept us as being. When we suddenly seem different, they feel played, especially if they no longer hold all the power cards.

      Maybe, it’s my deep voice, but most expect me to be assertive. I expect me to be assertive because it serves me better. Yet, I’m mindful of how I say what I say, especially my tone. There have been many cautions along the way to now!

      You’re right about resentment. Usually, it’s the sign you’ve been looking for that all is not well with your handling of certain matters. Good thing we have feelings. How else would we know to engage our more authentic selves?

      Glad you were able to reverse today’s purchase. Feel proud knowing that your highest and best self was right there when you needed it. Bravo!


  3. I love the three guidelines! Having grown up in a family who rarely argued, then having a husband who was sometimes emotionally abusive, I feel very uneasy when voices start to rise. I guess I was conditioned to expect an argument or yelling at if someone got mad. I was more afraid of someone losing their temper and saying something they would regret later. (That part was me.) Since his death I am making great strides in expressing what I like, don’t like, want don’t want, agree or disagree over. But I keep my ears sensitive still to someone’s voice rising or speech increasing. Thanks. This actually helped me realize somethings about myself.Hugsand thanks!!

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    1. What a touching share. I’m chuffed that this post helped you realize some things about yourself. I’m also impressed by your updated preferences when establishing interpersonal boundaries, and mindful auditory cautions. Hugs right back!🤗


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