Truth Moment Monday!

10 thoughts on “Truth Moment Monday!”

    1. You’ve probably realized that we rise like yeast does in fresh bread, slowly but purposefully. There’s so many important lessons to learn in life, and each takes its turn. All I feel, are there to serve our highest and best selves. This is the blessing.✨


  1. What a great question – what do I dream about? I dream that every person feels curious and in awe of out existence, and that they can follow their calling in life. Everyone needs courage to press through obstacles – I dream that courage will abound. Rising out of ignorance…I certainly dream of rising out of mine.

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  2. I dream of peace. I dream of inclusivity. Understanding. Love. Martin Luther King’s words are just as relevant today as when he spoke them and we need to remember, especially in these turbulent times. I like that painterly painting of him, beautiful!

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    1. Yes yes yes Jane. Peace in our own lives indeed. Then because like love it’s so bountiful, shared with the 🌎. I 💕 the word ‘inclusivity,’ and I pray it spreads soon. The painting you like I found and thought what a colorful perspective, and now I’m thinking maybe the artist was himself, or herself thinking about inclusivity as well. Nice!


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