Do You Actually … like everything you write about?

10 thoughts on “Do You Actually … like everything you write about?”

  1. It’s true, Sparkyjen. When I was in school, we called it a halo effect. People say things, write things, answer questions the way they think people expect them to do. Many people have masks on without knowing it. I can’t hide my emotions!!

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      1. Exactly, I could read many people’s blogs for a long time without knowing anything about those people. I even went to the About page to find out but couldn’t get too much from them.
        When I do counseling, I sometime tell them a little bit about myself (without being too personal), they ended up appreciating it because I wasn’t just someone more superior than they. 🙂

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    1. Hey Ash, always delighted to read your posts. Although I suspect I’m not the only one that looks forward to your newest blog posts coming up in the Reader, may I suggest you pace yourself according to your schedule, not ours. Make us yearn for your next published piece.

      I “choose” to post 4x a month, and that suits me. If I decided to post less however, I don’t think the WordPress Truancy Police 👮 would slap me with a fine. 😬😜🥴 If you feel it, post it, otherwise relax and enjoy doing something else, like 🤔another hobby perhaps!

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