13 thoughts on “Unforgettable!”

  1. I was thinking of pleasant memories at first then when I got to “they are like dogs pawing at your leg,” ….”trying to get attention.” I have a choice, I can let them replay over and over, or look at them and let them go, as well as the feelings associated with them. That is a good reminder.

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  2. I shut them out. I don’t have time/energy to deal with something I can’t solve now! Yes, I have become almost violent with such interferences!


  3. I was thinking like this just yesterday. You know me and my nostalgia. There are certain tidbits and anecdotes of my life which are very insignificant, but there is no shaking them from my heart and soul.

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    1. I feel you Ash. There’s lots of stuff we can’t shake from our hearts and souls. I do think however that some of our tidbits & anecdotes should probably be archived though, especially those fraught with too much emotional tension. Just a mention🤗

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